Birota/About us
Birota was founded in 2010 by two Dutchmen with a proven track record in the bicycle industry who wanted to start a whole new lifestyle brand whose philosophy is quality, cutting edge design and re-introducing people to the joy of back to basics cycling.
The first Birota bicycles were unveiled at a select few international bicycle fares to gauge initial reactions. Without exception the reactions were incredibly favourable but we felt we could do better. More time was devoted to improving, fine tuninng, re-designing and then re-launching at the next international fares. By this time demand was so high that the market dictated we must unleash our product on the market in a controlled manner carefully selecting dealers who shared our passion and heart for these exceptional bicycles. Since then we’ve never looked back and its been a wild ride. Now its time to spread the word and let the rest of the world know there is a new kid on the block and we’re kicking asses and taking names!!

Our Core Values
Whenever possible we use natural sustainable materials
More a lifestyle than a business
Rediscovering the joy of cycling
Value for money

What sets us apart from our competition
Unlike other bicycle companies we deliberately keep our production levels low to ensure the highest quality control and that every bicycle meets our strict criteria – Quality over quantity every time!
We source all our own materials, parts and suppliers and employ a strict criteria for selecting manufacturing partners
We strive to keep the brand’s exclusivity and do not saturate the market by stocking every retailer available – we only select retailers who share our vision and passion.
All our unique design showcase our passion, originality and technical expertese
We are continually improving, fine tuning and modernising our products and design philosophy
We listen to our customers and welcome their feedback and comments about the experience of being part of the burgoening Birota Community
Ongoing market research, testing and exploring all new technologies which may enhance our users experience with us.
We build bicycles with heart, passion and comittment and one look at any products and its hard not to be impressed by the craft and ingenuity.
We only use the highest quality parts – brands are important but we think the right part for the job is vital – .we regularly manufacture our own components and accessories as this is the only way to ensure the highest quality is always guaranteed
Our design team are always working on new cutting edge designs and never standstill on existing products by continually evaluatin, developing and streamlining our already exceptional existing products.

Want to join the growing Birota Community and share our global vision?
Contact us directly by e-mail if you want to become a dealer, or just find out more about Birota